Suresh Kohli

Alone in the multitude

Title     Alon in the multitude : selected poems /​ Amrita Pritam ; edited &​ translated by Suresh Kohli. Author        Amrita Pritam, 1919-2005. Other Authors       


Closure: Some Poems and a Conversation By:        Kamala Das Suresh Kohli Category:        Fiction This unusual volume brings together two disparate voices, of friends who met and

Tangled Wires

tangled wires.jpeg
Title    Tangled Wires Author    Suresh Kohli Publisher    Arnold, 1991 Length    59

Since Decay Impairs

Since Decay Impairs by Suresh Kohli; Storm Warning by Keshav Malik H. N. Sanyal India International Centre Quarterly Vol. 6, No. 4 (OCTOBER 1979), pp. 376-379 Published by: India

Target for a Kiss

Title      Target for a Kiss Publisher       Dialogue Publications (1972) Language       

Death’s epicure

deaths epicure.jpeg
Title    Death's epicure Author    Suresh Kohli Publisher    Writers Workshop, 1970 Original from    the University of Michigan Digitized    11 Sep 2006 Length    47