Stories From Modern India

stories from india.jpegStories From Modern India

Stories From Modern India presents some of the best-known voices of India writers who have either chosen English as the language of expression or sought to express themselves in other Indian languages, underscoring the oft-contentious label of unity in diversity, and exploring in the process India in it multitudinous manifestations. This anthology explores a variety of subjects the struggle for independence, and communal disharmony by Birendra Kumar Bhattacharya and Samaresh Basu; manipulation and political influence by RK Narayan and Manohar Malgaonkar; ambition by Bhisham Sahni; jealousy andsacrifice, aptly depicted by Ismat Chughtai; love and betrayal, portrayed by Gopinath Mohanty; freedom and choice, reaffirmed by Sagar Sara, and also corruption, desertion, superstition and migration through a gamut of human emotions, highlighting the universality of their themes.