Magic, Realism and After

Salman Rushdie’s 1981 novel, ‘Midnight’s Children’, was phenomenal not only because of its literary inventiveness and fresh style of storytelling but also because of the many ways in which it marked the beginning of what is now known as Indian writing in English. The film takes one through the trajectory of Indian writing in English starting from ‘Midnight’s Children’ and ‘The God of Small Things’ to the younger crop of authors who are making their presence felt internationally. The Indian novel in English has been significant globally because of the rich tradition of storytelling that it draws from and also because of the way it has appropriated the English language and inflected it with it’s own historical and cultural emphases. The film explores several of these trends and concerns through a series of interviews with authors, publishers and people involved in literary festivals.

Review of the film Magic, Realism and After :

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